Did you know that live-in care can be up to 30% less expensive than a care home.

Posted on 20-Dec-2018

Talking about personal finance or health can be difficult in the best of circumstances. 

Turning this around to be a forward-looking situation rather than a pressing problem can be an effective tactic for discussing care options especially for those who may wish to shy away from this sensitive topic. However, it’s also key to speak honestly and not to make false promises even though it may be convenient at the time to manage difficult emotions.

Finding a mutually agreeable solution will likely not happen instantly, so be prepared for multiple discussions between you, your loved one, and family members. Make sure to fully research the options available to you and include the care recipient in the vetting and decision making process.

Cayon Care offer live-in care to make sure your loved one can remain as independent as possible in later life. The service can provide a better alternative to a traditional care home route. Cayon Care offer informal no obligation conversations that may help provide a steer in this difficult process.