Not all care is good care…

Posted on 20-Dec-2018

BBC News & Panorama

Cases of mistreatment and neglect in care homes are becoming more frequent across the UK even featuring on BBC News & Panorama. We are increasingly asked what to consider when making decisions regarding loved ones care: Where should you seek help? Who should you trust your loved ones with when tales of malpractice seem ever-present?

With a GOOD rating with the Care Quality Commission CQC – we are constantly striving to raise our standards of care and have a few top tips for anyone consider residential care or care services for a loved one.

  • Prepare ahead and research the homes before visitation, and check online for the latest inspection report from the CQC.
  • Visit the home preferably with your loved one to see if this is the right home for them and your family as this will help in making the right decision. Follow your intuition and gut feeling of how the home feels and also observe if your loved one reacts to the home in a positive way.
  • Enquire about the staff ratio level as they vary between day and night. This could help your decision clearer when choosing a residential home. Consider that the home has appropriately qualified staff able to administer all your loved ones care requirements.

Please feel free to call us for any advice or for further discussion on what to look out for.