Respite In Home Care

Cayon Care understands that to be able to take good care of your loved one means taking good care of yourself. Time to rest and recharge is essential so that you can continue to give your best care. We recognise the importance of easy access to high quality respite care that gives you the assurance you need.

We’ve designed our services to allow you to recharge, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being looked after by one of our friendly carers. Respite for carers can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks away from the role. So, this short break will enable you to return to caring feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our respite services see warm and friendly temporary carers go into the homes of people affected by a range of conditions to provide short term care. In over 25 years as a provider of home care, we’ve delivered respite support for the carers of elderly people, Dementia respite care, and much more. Allowing someone else to come into the home can be a tough decision. There are worries over disruption to existing routines, and lifestyle.

Our short term carers recognise the importance of planning any temporary care. They’ll communicate with you to ensure that your loved one’s medical and lifestyle requirements are met during your absent.

Respite Care available at Cayon Care Service includes:

Relief for carers and relatives

If you are a family member caring for a loved one, there are times when an extra pair of hands would be most welcomed. Our respite care is as flexible as you need it to be.

Emergency Relief Care

Cayon undestands that caring for a loved one is routine but emergency's do happen and we can step in at these moments.

Short Term Relief

Short breaks can be of great benefit to the person you care for too. They offer the person the opportunity to do something a bit different from their usual routine and the chance to meet new people.

Person centred care

We can provide respite care and support for people with complex needs in the comfort of their own homes. Our packages range from a sitting service for a couple of hours to 24 hour live- in care. We offer personalised care and support, so you and your loved one have the service that you want, in the way you both want it.

Specialist Staff

Our reliable, specialist nursing assistant staff are fully trained, so that you have the peace of mind you need to take that much needed break.

Contact Cayon Care to discuss how we can create a bespoke service to meet your needs.